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About Institution

Rajamangala Tawan-OK waterlily Institute, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-OK, is the first institute of Asia that successfully bred harely waterlily and 15 of its hybrid cultivars won 27 International Awards in the International International contest, includind Mangala-Ubol, Wanvisa, chularat, Tounta, Chanvit, Duangtasawan, Mayaranee, Yaowalak, Red Giant, Tawanok, Srachon, Muttasin, thongkai, Fahtawan-OK, and Mahasombat. The institute can also improve waterlily cultivars to have the largest and the smallest flowers in the world as well. The institute is one of the most complete waterlily genetic bank in Asia, there are at least 500 cultivars and specise from conservation of native thai lotus and waterlily apecies collecfing native apecies from all negions of the world.



Waterlily Institute master

RAJAMANGALA TAWAN-OK WHATERLILY INSTIUTE With activities in the Royal Thai Government Fair 2017

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